Outreach and Education for Central Texas Regional Advisory Council

Knowledge is power, and no one understands that better than CTRAC. Our team has compiled several critical resources below to offer valuable learning opportunities to healthcare professionals. We pride ourselves on providing outreach and education for the Central Texas Regional Advisory Council in Belton, TX. This work benefits members, partners, and others working toward a better prepared local infrastructure. Some of the forms and PowerPoints are below:

Chest Seal Training for Texas Schools Only

Below is the regional chest seal presentation that contains instructor notes. This training is exclusively for our school instructors in Trauma Service Area L and M. If you have questions about the content or are not sure if you can use the material, please contact RAC staff.

Regional Education Opportunities

Central Texas RAC hosts different education opportunities for our members. Stay tuned for further developments on education opportunities.




Outreach Activity Reporting Tool

Use this form to report the outreach activity your organization hosted or facilitated.