About Central Texas Regional Advisory Council and Our Services

The Central Texas Regional Advisory Council (CTRAC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization comprised of local hospitals, EMS agencies, fire departments, County and City Offices of Emergency Management, and other healthcare providers. We proudly serve the 6 counties located in Trauma Service Area L: Bell, Coryell, Hamilton, Lampasas, Milam, and Mills.

We were formed to provide the infrastructure and leadership necessary to sustain an inclusive trauma system within our service area through the following actions:

  • Assist member organizations in achieving the highest level of emergency healthcare they are capable of providing, which will result in a decrease in morbidity and mortality and ultimately improve the ill or injured patient’s outcome.
  • Encourage activities designed to promote cooperation between member organizations and provide a forum to resolve conflicts regarding injured patient care.
  • Provide and facilitate educational programs for the public to increase awareness regarding an inclusive trauma system with a heavy emphasis on prevention activities.


Regional Advisory Councils (RACs) are the administrative bodies responsible for trauma system oversight within the bounds of a given Trauma Service Area in Texas.  Each of the 22 RACs across the state is tasked with developing, implementing, and monitoring a regional emergency medical service trauma system plan. There is one RAC in each Trauma Service Area.

The Regional Advisory Councils were charged with developing a systematic plan based on standard guidelines for implementing a comprehensive trauma care system. The development of a regional plan is the ultimate responsibility of the Regional Advisory Councils’ stakeholders and participants. Some elements of the plan are required, while others may be added to best reflect the community’s needs. While the plan may have numerous components its success is a testament to the professionals that transform these guidelines into reality.

Since its inception, CTRAC has been active in trauma prevention and education programs as well as the development and implementation of trauma patient care standards. Maintaining public education and awareness activities to increase the understanding of the trauma care system, access to trauma care, and prevention of injuries is an integral part of the mission and goals of CTRAC.

CTRAC covers almost 6,000 square miles and has a population of nearly 500,000, according to estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau. The majority of the population live outside of the two largest cities, Killeen and Temple. TSA-L has a Level I Trauma Center, Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Temple, as its Lead Trauma Facility. Additionally, Fort Hood military base, located in Bell and Coryell Counties, is one of the largest military installation in the world with comprehensive training facilities for reserves and National Guard units from across the country. TSA-L consists of over 4,000 highway miles, with Interstate Highway 35 dividing the region. TSA-L has one frontier county, three non-metropolitan counties, and two metropolitan counties based on 2010 U.S. Census data.

Trauma care should be part of a seamless trauma system that provides patients with well-organized and high-quality care. The incorporation of an overall healthcare systems approach requires cooperation and availability of each component of the system. The essence of a trauma system is the ability to get the right patient to the right hospital at the right time to reduce death and disability. CTRAC members have made great strides toward this goal and continue to collaborate and strive to improve the care of the trauma patient.

Executive Committee Officers

Angie Gentry, BSW – Temple

Elizabeth Hicks, Acadian Ambulance

Amy Haire, AdventHealth Central Texas

Wesley Gilbreath, Belton Fire

Immediate Past Chair
Dr. Taylor Ratcliff

Board of Directors

Kayla Cehand, BSW – McLane Children’s Medical Center
Lead Pediatric Facility Representative

Dr. Tim Rudolph, Hamilton General Hospital
Medical Advisory Committee Representative

Heidi Cantrell, Seton Medical Center Harker Heights
Perinatal Committee Representative

Heidi Lavka, Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center
Trauma Program Representative

Dr. Jay Widmer, BSW - Temple
Cardiac Committee Representative

Lauren Prouty, AdventHealth Central Texas
Trauma Committee Representative

Daniel Lay, Coryell Health EMS
Rural Member-at-Large

Dr. Vanessa Sieg, Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center
Military Facility Representative

Dr. Arash Shadman, BSW - Temple
Stroke Committee Representative

Jennifer Henager, Bell County OEM
Healthcare Coalition Representative

Jacob Creel, PHI 1-5
EMS Operations Committee Representative

Dr. Scott Sagraves, BSW – Central Division
Physician Member-at-Large

Ashley Voss-Liebig
Community Member-at-Large